Why blog?


Our blog is a place for us to learn. Traditionally a blog is a place for reflections and thoughts, like a journal but on the web. I want to use this for our classroom learning. Capture an idea that has been taught or discussed in the classroom and describe it in my posts.

I’d like children to read it and write a carefully thought out response in the comments. So they too are reflecting on their learning and voicing their understandings.

metacognition png clipart Metacognition Thought Psychology @kissclipart

Metacognition Thought Psychology from @kissclipart

This blog is a small window so parents can view some of the learning we are doing in our year 3 room. I’d love to get to a stage later in the year where children can use my login to write a reflective post about some of our learning.


I am conscious of the need for cybersafety so our class will be learning about ways we can keep identifying information including full face photos out of our blog.

This blog will form an ongoing part of our classroom learning. This opens a real, purposeful way for children to learn about digital citizenship. Their place on the internet and ways to keep their internet usage as safe as possible.

Please read this blog from Langwitches if you want more information about the learning that happens when teachers and students blog.